June 13, 2022

How To Determine Her Finger Size for A Surprise Proposal

How To Determine Her Finger Size for A Surprise Proposal

How To Determine Her Finger Size for A Surprise Proposal

In today’s society it’s quite common for couples to shop for engagement rings together and whilst at the jeweller your girlfriend can get her finger size professionally measured, if you’re goal is to amaze your girlfriend with a surprise proposal then you may need help in determining her finger size. Remember when measuring her finger size to measure her left hand, ring finger (fourth finger, next to the pinkie finger) which is where the engagement ring and wedding band is traditionally worn.

Should you choose to surprise your significant other with their dream engagement ring here are a few methods to overcome this debacle:

  1. Borrow your girlfriend’s ring and take this to a jeweller to have it measured. Do ensure that this ring is worn on your girlfriend’s left hand ring finger. Every finger is a different size and your dominant hand is generally slightly bigger than your non-dominant hand. If you don’t want to take this ring to a jeweller to get it measured as your girlfriend may notice that it’s missing, then we would suggest placing the ring against a piece of paper and tracing the inside of the ring. Then measure the inside diameter and compare it our sizing chart. (link to size guide)

  2. Compare your fingers with your partner’s fingers and estimate whereabouts her finger looks the same as your finger. For example, her ring finger may look similar to the base of your pinkie or the top of your middle finger just under the nail. With this in mind, use Method 1 listed above to measure an estimate of her finger size or when you see a jeweller have them measure that part of your finger to determine her finger size.

  3. Enlist the help of a friend, even better a married or engaged friend. Ask one of your partner’s close friends to gauge her finger size, if she is familiar with rings or has an engagement ring or wedding band she most likely will know her own finger size and therefore be able to compare it to your partner’s fingers by looking at her fingers. Alternatively, the friend can take your partner engagement ring shopping, which is a great way of sussing out what your significant other likes and dislikes.