Our Guarantees

We ensure all our Diamond Elite jewellery are made with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Each piece is thoroughly inspected and is subject to strict quality control before it is shipped. Because of this we offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all Diamond Elite jewellery.

Should you believe that your jewellery has a manufacturer defect please review our warranty policy below before reaching out to Diamond Elite. Should there be any issues with your Diamond Elite jewellery due to manufacturer fault we will happily repair, replace, exchange or refund the item. The cost to ship the item back will need to be covered by the customer. Once we have received the item, it will be inspected and an assessment made by an expert jeweller on the fault and cause. Should we find the fault to be due to manufacturer error, Diamond Elite will organise the repair, replacement, exchange or refund of the item at our discretion and without charge to the customer. Note this is in line with Australian Consumer Law. Diamond Elite will inform the customer before any work is carried out. All warrantied work will come with complimentary shipping back to
the customer once remediation is complete. If the fault does not fall under warranty then the customer will be advised and a quote will be provided for the repair of the item. 

Any repair or service on Diamond Elite jewellery performed by any other another jeweller will void all warranty. Such repairs and services may include resizing, polish and rhodium plating, cleaning and all repairs. Do take into consideration that all jewellery pieces can be subject to wear and tear as well as accidental damage through wear. This is not covered under Diamond Elite warranty. Our manufacturing warranty excludes loss or damage caused by wear and tear, accidental damage, loss of diamonds and gemstones, product loss, theft and misplacement of jewellery. It is important to understand that there are many common jewellery issues that are not considered manufacturing faults or defects and this can include:
-Claws/Prongs wearing and eroding, bending or catching over time due to wear. This can inadvertently cause a diamond/gemstone to fall out
-Scratches on metal, diamond and gemstones due to wear, accidental damage or negligence
-The discolouration of metals caused by chemicals, perfumes, make-up, immersion in pools,
salt water, hot tubs, bathing or general wear and sweat over time
-The wearing down of claws/prongs and metals over time. The item may then require restoration work however this is due to normal wear
-Any negligence on behalf of the customer, any accidental damage, misuse, exposure to rough wear or abuse 

If you believe your Diamond Elite jewellery has a manufacturing fault please contact us via email team@diamondelite.com.au with relevant photos of the damage and a copy of your invoice. We will then reach out to you and advise you of your next steps.