Frequently Asked Questions

We endeavour to answer the most commonly asked questions from our clients.

Diamonds and Diamond Elite Products

Q: Are your diamonds certified?

A: All Diamond Elite Engagement Rings are certified by an independent laboratory and will come with Grading Report Certificate. If they are natural mined diamonds they will have a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Lab Grown Diamonds will be certified from either GIA or International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Q: How do you know that your natural diamonds are conflict free?

A: Our natural mined diamonds on engagement rings are all graded by the GIA. GIA only grade diamonds that come from companies that are verified by the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process ensures that the diamonds bearing its certification are all retrieved from conflict free areas.

Q: How can I know with certainty that the diamond that I ordered is the diamond that I receive?

A: The diamond that you receive will come accompanied by a Grading Report from an independent laboratory whether it be GIA or IGI. Both Diamond Grading Labs laser engrave the diamond with a unique serial number. This number is also present on the corresponding grading report. When you purchase an engagement ring instore we can show you the unique laser engraving on the diamond with a microscopic tool and you can then match it to the serial number as noted on the grading report.

Q: I want smaller diamonds surrounding the centre stone, will these match the quality of the main diamond?

A: The industry standard for smaller diamonds is of G-H Colour and SI1/SI2 in Clarity. For our accent diamonds we like to use diamonds of a higher quality to ensure a brilliant sparkle and shine. We really put an emphasis on having the best quality jewellery and as such, all of our pieces have accent diamonds of the minimum standard of F Colour and VS1/VS2 Clarity.

Q: Are the diamonds on your website available for purchase?

A: The diamonds that you see on the Diamond Search Tool are live and available for purchase. However, since these diamonds are live on the international market, they can be bought by another customer at any time. Hence, if you are interested in a particular diamond then speak to one of our specialists today as we can guide you through the process and assist with any questions you may have.

Q: May I see a diamond on your website live in person at your store?

A: Unfortunately any diamonds you see on the Loose Diamond Search are not available to see live in person. The diamond rings under the Engagement Rings tab are diamond rings that we have in stock and are readily available. If you wish to view any of them please make an appointment at our Chatswood boutique.

Q: Do you offer Lab Grown Diamonds?

A: We certainly do offer Certified Lab Grown Diamonds. Just like natural diamonds there are Shape, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat specifications. For more information on lab grown diamonds see our Lab Grown Diamond page, or alternatively reach out to our team so we may best help you in finding the perfect lab grown diamond.

Q: Are Lab created diamonds real diamonds?

A: Lab created Diamonds and mined diamonds are the same thing chemically, molecularly, and physically. The only difference being that earth mined diamonds have been formed beneath the surface of the earth and have to be mined in order to reach them. Whereas lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory starting from a small diamond seed. Therefore yes, lab created diamonds are real diamonds.

Q: What metal do you use in your jewellery?

A: As a boutique jeweller specializing in custom made pieces, we use 18k Gold or Platinum in our jewellery. This ensures you receive a high quality and high value product. However to meet all budgets small or large you can opt for 9k or 14k gold.

Q: Why does white gold fade/tarnish and turn yellow over time?

A: White Gold is pure gold that has been mixed with white or silvery metals in order to achieve that silvery colour. It is also then plated in rhodium, another precious metal, which gives it an extra layer of shiny white metal to help shine. After some time of being worn white gold jewellery the rhodium plating will erode and you will begin to see the natural colour of white gold on the surface which is an off-white colour with hints of yellow. This is completely natural and will happen to all white gold jewellery as gold is not naturally white. This piece that is tarnished simply needs to be polished and rhodium plated to look new.

Q: Is there anything I can do to avoid my jewellery tarnishing?

A: If you want to make sure that your white jewellery never looks yellow or tarnished you can simply buy platinum. Platinum is naturally a silvery/white metal so it will never tarnish. That being said, it will scratch over time and that will remove the polish finish it has which will then need to be repolished and replated. On another note, if you do have white gold jewellery, taking good care of it will ensure that the colour lasts a long time. We recommend wearing your jewellery on occasions where you won’t be doing a lot of hands-on work. For example if you are washing the dishes, exercising (sweating), or using a lot of household chemicals we recommend not wearing your jewellery as you wear away polish and rhodium plating.

Q: How can I determine the finger size for a gift/surprise?

A: Visit our page How to Determine Her Finger Size for some helpful tips.

Q: Can I have my ring engraved?

A: Yes, all wedding rings can be engraved free of charge. Keep in mind there is a 15 character limit including spaces. If you wish to have any other jewellery pieces other than wedding bands engraved please reach out to our team so we can arrange this for you. There will be a surcharge for engravings on items apart from wedding bands.

Q: Do you do any repairs or resizes?

A: Yes, please bring your items in store so we may determine whether it can be repaired/resized. Alternatively you can choose to post the item back to us but all postage and handling costs will need to be covered by the customer. Please reach out to our customer care team so we may discuss the repair/resize and if approved then a shipping address can be provided to you. All repairs and resizing will incur a fee and a quote will be provided to the customer prior to any work being done on the item.

Q: Do you remodel existing jewellery pieces?

A: Yes we do, please come see us in store with any pieces that you would like to remodel. Do have an idea of what type of design you’re after and we can then discuss what can be done. Not all jewellery can be remodelled so it is best you bring it in store so we may then determine what is possible.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a custom made order?

A: Generally custom made orders can take approximately 4-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the order. If you have a certain date in mind you would like to have the custom made piece by, then I would recommend you reach out to one of our lovely specialists who may see whether that turnaround time is possible.

Return & Exchange Policy

Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

A: At Diamond Elite we do our best to ensure our prices are competitive and as such we are unable to provide returns nor exchanges for change of mind.

We do believe in only providing our customer’s with jewellery of the highest quality and craftsmanship and as such we offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all Diamond Elite jewellery. Should you believe that your jewellery has a manufacturer defect please review our warranty policy before contacting our customer care team.

Q: Am I able to purchase multiple items and select one to keep then return the remaining items?

A: To keep our quality high and reduce the signs of wear on our products we do not allow for multiple items to be purchased and then a return for some of the products.

Q: How do I cancel an order?

A: We do not offer cancellations of an online order. All orders are final.

Q: Does my jewellery come with warranty?

A: Yes, each and every Diamond Elite piece is subject to strict quality control before we release the product to our customer. Hence we believe in providing a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing faults. Note, this is for manufacturing errors and manufacturing faults only and so it does not cover for any accidental damage or loss, and wear and tear. For any accidental damage or loss, we highly recommend getting your jewellery insured through a reputable insurer.


Q: I need some assistance on a purchase, how can I contact you?

A: You can reach us on multiple platforms. Visit our Contact Us page where you can send us a message and we can respond during business hours, alternatively you can reach us on our store landline 02 9410 1128 or email


Q: Will there be any disruptions with my order due to COVID-19?

A: COVID-19 may affect our shipping times and therefore you may experience some delays because of this. We do use Express post for every order whether it be a domestic or international order however there may be some delays by the courier which is out of our control. You can stay up to date on your order by following your tracking.

Q: What are your general shipping times?

Most of our items are custom made meaning they are made to order. The time between making an order to delivery can range due to the complexity of the order, number of pieces and shipping address. As a result the total timeframe varies against each order. Ready to Ship pieces are in stock and those items will be shipped within 1-2 business days plus shipping time.

Any custom made or made to order pieces will be shipped 4-5 weeks from the time the order was received. We understand special occasions and dates are important and jewellery is often given so if you require an item urgently please contact our customer care team on 02 9410 1128 or email so we can assist you.

From the time the items are shipped (excluding packing time) the following are average timeframes and may not be accurate during holiday seasons or periods of high volumes:

​​-Australia-wide via Australia Express Post is approximately 2-3 business days -International via FedEx International Express Post is approximately up to 6 business days Do note we ensure buyer protection by covering all shipping insurance, only using Express postage for both international and domestic orders as well as signature on delivery. That way you have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered!

For more information please see our Shipping page

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do ship internationally. Just like domestic orders we cover transit insurance and we also provide tracking details so you can follow the shipment.

Q: Can I ship to an alternate location such as my office?

A: Definitely, just note it down in the shipping details of your order. Please ensure all shipping details are correct as we do not take any responsibility for lost or stolen goods once it’s been delivered to the shipping address. We do not ship to any PO Boxes.

Online Orders

Q: What will I receive with my order?

A: Every order is packaged in a discrete plain postal satchel with no Diamond Elite branding on the exterior. Inside the sachet you will find a Diamond Elite mailing box which is where your order can be found securely cushioned. Each jewellery piece comes with it’s own jewellery box for protection, a complimentary gold polishing cloth along with a microfibre cloth to clean diamonds. Upon purchasing your order, if you have selected that it is a gift then you will also receive a gift receipt (no details of pricing noted), alternatively it will be a standard invoice. Lastly every Diamond Elite order comes with a Jewellery Care Card to ensure you understand how best to look after your new beautiful jewellery.

Q: I wish to purchase an item as a gift. How do I ensure that it is discrete and does not show the price?

A: Every Diamond Elite order whether it be a gift or not, comes in a discreet postal satchel with no Diamond Elite branding on the exterior. When you make your purchase through our website please tick the box that it is a gift. This will ensure that a gift receipt is provided. The gift receipt will not have the pricing noted.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept various forms of payments.

Online: Master, Visa, Amex, Direct Debit Card, Shop Pay, Afterpay, Paypal In-store: Master, Visa, Amex, Direct Debit Card, Shop Pay, Afterpay, Bank Transfer, Lay-by, Bank Transfer, Union Pay

Q: Do you offer layby or Afterpay services?

A: We offer Afterpay services online and instore. For layby we only offer this service instore. For more information please reach out to our customer care team.