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My fiancé bought my pear diamond engagement ring from Diamond Elite and we're so happy with it! Theresa was such a fantastic help, very knowledgeable on the best diamond for our budget and helped me pick a beautiful setting/ design. Highly recommended!

- Jules F

Well, from the moment we walked in, Theresa made me feel welcome. Theresa listened to what I was looking for and came up with solutions and never subjected me to subpar quality. I even tried on other shapes and designs I thought I would like and we all agreed the pear suited me best. It was a no brainier at this point I had found my jeweller. My mum was with me on the day and she even bought a ring for herself. I called hubby and he said lock it in.
It’s absolutely stunning and perfect on my finger and definitely “me”. Wedding bands are next!


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What Is a Pear Cut Engagement Ring?

Pear-shaped diamonds are rounded on one end and tapered on the other.
This diamond shape has a modified brilliant cut, which combines the cuts of two other diamond shapes: the round brilliant (on the pear's rounded end) and the marquise (on the pear's tapered end).

Pros of Pear Cut Engagement Ring

-The pear cut's shape is very flattering, giving your finger a feminine and elongated appearance.
-It costs less per carat than the round brilliant cut.
-It has an unusual and distinct shape, distinguishing you and your ring from other shapes and ring types.
-Because of its faceting style, a well-cut pear-shaped diamond has tremendous brightness and brilliance.

Cons of Pear Cut Engagement Ring

-It is uncommon to come across an extremely high-quality pear-cut diamond
-In a pear shape cut, the "bow tie" effect is very common.
-This effect consists of a darkened spot that runs across the stone and resembles a man's bow tie.
-It can be difficult to achieve perfect symmetry with the cut.
-The pointed end of the piece can be vulnerable

What to Look for in a Pear Cut Engagement Ring?

-Discover the insides of a pear-shaped diamond.
-A pear-shaped diamond should have symmetry.
-The ideal length-to-width ratio
-Check culet placement and position of inclusions
-Ascertain that the table is centred on a pear-shaped diamond.
-On a pear-shaped diamond, avoid wearing a bow tie.
-Select a setting that safeguards the point of a pear-shaped diamond.

How to clean/care for a Pear Cut Engagement Ring

The simplest method for cleaning your round-cut diamond ring is as follows:- Fill a bowl with warm water.- Add a few drops of dishwashing soap.- Wash the ring for between 20 and 40 minutes.- With a soft toothbrush, gently clean the ring.- Dry with a soft cloth (air drying works too) Get in touch to learn about the cleaning service at Diamond Elite.

What does a Pear Cut Engagement Ring mean?

Meaning and Symbolism of the Pear Shape. Because the pear shape is more distinctive, it frequently represents the wearer's strong will, empowerment, independence, and distinct style. These stones are also said to represent joyous tears or wedding tears, which are both appropriate choices for an engagement ring.

Are Pear Cut Engagement Rings popular?

The lovely pear-shaped diamond is a popular and trendy cut, particularly for engagement rings. This one-of-a-kind style is shaped like a teardrop with an unusual silhouette, and it differs from any other diamond shape.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Cardi B and Margot Robbie have all been seen wearing beautiful engagement rings featuring the Pear shaped cut diamonds.

Are Pear Cut Engagement Rings cheaper?

The shape of the pear cut will make your finger appear longer.
- The price is likely to be 15-30% less than the round brilliant, the most expensive diamond per carat.
- When cut properly, its brilliant faceting style ensures a sparkly diamond with lots of fire and brightness.

Why Diamond Elite?

Here at Diamond Elite we're a family owned business that pride ourselves on our professional service & quality diamond rings at competitive prices. We've been helping Australian couples find their perfect engagement ring since 2009. We know the importance of picking the perfect diamond ring for your partner which is why our friendly staff will be happy to assist you during the design & planning process from selecting the Diamond all the way to the delivery of your custom engagement ring. With over 500+ 5star reviews on Google, Diamond Elite is proud to be Sydney's top rated diamond jeweller. Get in touch today for a complimentry consultation and see our beautiful range of custom engagement rings convientantly located within Chatswood Westfield.


    Michelle Tong

    Jessica has been fabulous in professionalism and friendly, I’ve been doing my research and been asking around for a diamond ring, in store and online.

    I’ve stumbled to her website saw all the great reviews so I thought I’ll make a call and ask for a quote.

    I been taken away at how patience and knowledgeable she is, other place I’ve been really don’t care and give you a random quote no service. Even my husband really like her!

    What can I say we made a purchase 4.2 carat diamond ring with a wholesaler price! Couldn’t be more happier, This is the first review I ever made, to let others know, like me been doing lots of research and getting price elsewhere do go and get a second opinion from Jessica, you won’t regret it!


    Eddie Yuen

    Got this quality and beautiful wedding ring from Jessica, she provided exceptional service and most importantly, gave me a very competitive price on the ring. My wife is very happy therefore I'm so happy as well!


    Amanda O'Driscoll

    So helpful with my fiance when he designed my engagement ring then again when buying our wedding bands. Highly recommended to go here. Experienced, knowledgable and professional. They found a happy medium with our budget but also what we wanted.

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