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Despite having a smaller surface area than a round cut, princess cuts diamonds are famous for their radiance and brilliance, often appearing larger to the naked eye due to their lengthy diagonal measurements.

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What Is a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

A princess-cut diamond has a square top and four bevelled sides, and it comes in at a point beneath the ring's shiny surface (think an upside-down pyramid). This is the ring cut for you if you want maximum sparkle in a modern design.

Pros of Princess Cut Engagement Ring

-Princess cuts are not always expensive; if cost is an issue, there are some very affordable options available.
-Princess-cut diamonds are famous for their radiance and brilliance.
-Despite having a smaller surface area than a round cut, princess cuts often appear larger to the naked eye due to their lengthy diagonal measurements.
-The princess shape is a tough cut that is well-known for its durability.
-The princess cut effectively conceals flaws and inclusions.

Cons of Princess Cut Engagement Ring

-Princess cuts have sharp, well-defined corners, which can makes them prone to damage. However Diamonds are one of the toughest materials available with a value of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
-The number of diamond settings you can take into consideration is constrained by the princess shape's corners. -You will only be able to comfortably select from a small number of settings to ensure the stone's safety.
-The princess cut is known to display some unattractive color combinations in the diamond, such as yellows and browns, in comparison to many other cuts.

What to Look for in a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

- A square princess cut has a length-to-width ratio that is no greater than 1:05:1.

- The cut's beauty is largely a result of the facets' symmetry. If the facets on the right and left halves of the diamond are the same size and shape, you can check this by imagining a line running the length of the diamond. Additionally, check to see if all of the facets' points line up and if there are any extra or missing facets. After that, test the symmetry of the facets on the bottom and top halves by drawing an imaginary horizontal line across the diamond. The value of a diamond increases with the symmetry of its facets.

- It is critical to have a balanced contrast of light and dark patterns in the table and facets. A stone that is either too light or too dark is not as appealing as one with a pleasing balance.

- Examine the diamond from the side with a 10x loupe. From the girdle to the culet, the pavilion should gently slope. If the slope is steep, a pavilion bulge can form, darkening the stone and adding weight.

Expect to see no culet, the small horizontal facet on the pavilion's point, as you would in a standard round brilliant cut diamond. Because there is no culet, the pavilion point is prone to chipping, which can be avoided with proper setting.

How to clean a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

The simplest method for cleaning your Princess-cut diamond ring is as follows:
- Fill a bowl with warm water.
- Add a few drops of dishwashing soap.
- Wash the ring for between 20 and 40 minutes.
- With a soft toothbrush, gently clean the ring.
- Dry with a soft cloth (air drying works too) Get in touch to learn about the cleaning service at Diamond Elite.

What does a Princess Cut Engagement Ring mean?

- A Princess Cut diamond is a square diamond that has a lot of fire and brilliance. This fancy shape diamond is made by inverting the pyramid of a rough diamond stone.
Princess Cuts are the most brilliant of all diamond shapes and are a popular choice for engagement rings, such as this stunning 0.81ct I color.

Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings popular?

Couples who choose princess-cut diamond engagement rings cite their preference for the modern shape of the princess cut as a deciding factor.

Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff, and Snooki are three princesses with princess-cut diamonds to match.  
When it comes to engagement rings, it is without doubt one of the most sought-after choices after the round cut.

Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings Cheaper?

- The majority of the rough diamond stone is retained during the cutting process. Princess Cut diamonds are less expensive than Round Brilliant diamonds and many other diamond shapes. The Princess Cut diamond shape is the second most popular and is both affordable and brilliant.

Why Diamond Elite?

Here at Diamond Elite we're a family owned business that pride ourselves on our professional service & quality diamond rings at competitive prices. We've been helping Australian couples find their perfect engagement ring since 2009. We know the importance of picking the perfect diamond ring for your partner which is why our friendly staff will be happy to assist you during the design & planning process from selecting the Diamond all the way to the delivery of your custom engagement ring. With over 500+ 5star reviews on Google, Diamond Elite is proud to be Sydney's top rated diamond jeweller. Get in touch today for a complimentry consultation and see our beautiful range of princess cut engagement rings convientantly located within Chatswood Westfield.

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    I highly recommend this shop for quality jewellery at a great price. I would also like to mention the fantastic service I received from Theresa getting my ring custom made on time for my proposal.
    Theresa even went out of her way by doing last minute alterations to the ring and communicating with me outside of business hours.

    My now fiancee is extremely happy with her ring! Please see attached photos of this amazing ring made by Diamond Elite!

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    I have the most incredible engagement ring in the world.

    My now fiancé did a bunch of research, knew what he wanted then enquired about a diamond. Belinda assisted him and gave him more information that was really helpful. The diamond he enquired about didn't tick all his boxes so Belinda searched for the perfect diamond. She found one and it is honestly perfect. She then helped him create the most beautiful engagement ring, with perfect proportions. Not only was this such a personal piece, my fiancé ended up spending less than he was expecting. It's good to know that he wasn't ripped off. The end product was beyond expectations.

    Thank you Belinda and Diamond Elite for my bespoke engagement ring. It is so beautiful. We cannot wait to come in to pick our wedding rings.


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    Just Pick up my ring setting today, I would really recommend Diamond Elite chatswood, especially Jessica and Teresa both spent a lot of time educating and providing guidance to assist us to make decision for my diamond setting.

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