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Round diamonds are the most common and traditional diamonds as a symbol of loyalty and commitment. They have 58 facets, a classic uniform, and a symmetrical shape, making them a brilliant cut.

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What Is a Round-Cut Diamond?

Round diamonds are the most common and traditional diamonds as a symbol of loyalty and commitment. They have 58 facets, a classic uniform, and a symmetrical shape, making them a brilliant cut.

Pros of Round-Cut Diamonds

Popularity: The most popular diamond cut of all time is the round diamond. It's the most common engagement ring shape. They come in an infinite number. That means the prices are reasonable. They are available in any jewelry store. Regardless of the level of quality, you seek.
Easy to wear: Rounds are sophisticated, elegant, and safe, with no sharp corners or points to catch or snag (unlike the marquise and princess cuts, which have sharp corners and points that feel like a weapon).
Compatibility: Round diamonds can be used in almost any ring ever made. The round always looks good, complements any mounting, and works with all engagement rings, traditional, classic, or modern, whether it's a simple solitaire setting, tension setting, pave, 3 stone, 2 stone, a jacket, or wrap.
Brilliance: Round Engagement Ring maximizes the exchange of light. It bounces light around the diamond to produce the highest possible return of sparkle, brilliance, fire, and scintillation. This dazzling dance of beauty is known as the diamond's life. That is why we adore them.

Cons of Round-cut diamond rings

Higher Cost than Other Cuts: While some diamond cuts are inexpensive, the brilliant diamond is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. A 2-carat round brilliant will not cost the same as an emerald or princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Challenging to Find Large Carat and Quality: Much of the diamond is removed when a jeweler cuts a round brilliant to give the cut its brilliant facets. This means that a significant amount of the diamond is extracted from the stone beneath. As a result, it can be challenging to find a large carat, and higher carats are significantly more expensive than other cuts.

You may want something more unique: A round brilliant solitaire is so common that the person wearing it has no distinguishing features. While this isn't a concern for many women, others prefer to get engaged with a more unique and personalised piece of jewelry.

Diamond Elite is proud to have supplied custom engagement rings since 2009 and we’d be happy to assign with a unique design.

What to Look for in a Round-Cut Diamond?

- Ensure that your round diamond is GIA or AGS certified. A GIA excellent cut (or AGS 0) will be full of fire and brilliance. - Your intention with diamond color should be to find a diamond that appears colorless. You don’t need to go to the top of the diamond color scale. Very high grades offer little visible difference. - Depending on your budget we recommend considering I or even J color since round diamonds refract light better than any other shape. - Clarity refers to the blemishes and inclusions a diamond has. Most diamonds on the market are included, meaning there are small blemishes or imperfections in the stone. Some of these flaws are visible, while others are microscopic. An SI1 or SI2 clarity diamond can offer value if you’re looking for a diamond with near flawless clarity to the naked eye. Not sure about the 4C’s and the difference that it makes on the Diamond? Pop into our Chatswood store for a complimentary consultation.

How to clean/care for a Round-Cut Diamond?

The simplest method for cleaning your round-cut diamond ring is as follows:- Fill a bowl with warm water.- Add a few drops of dishwashing soap.- Wash the ring for between 20 and 40 minutes.- With a soft toothbrush, gently clean the ring.- Dry with a soft cloth (air drying works too) Get in touch to learn about the cleaning service at Diamond Elite.

What does a circle engagement ring mean?

The Round diamond is the most classic and popular shape. This diamond shape represents eternal love. The round shape accentuates the most brilliance and sparkle. Those who prefer this style are typically traditional, trustworthy, honest, and enjoy a classic look.

Are round engagement rings popular?

Round brilliant cuts account for 75% of all diamonds sold. Their popularity stems from their perfect circular shape as well as the exceptional fire and brilliance created by the facets. 

Famous Celebrity With Round Cut Engagement Rings:
The Office John Krasinski proposed to Emily Blunt with a three-carat, round-cut diamond set in platinum. 
Dave Franco popped the question to Alison Brie with a rose gold ring featuring a round-cut diamond with a pavé double halo. 
Ashton Kutcher proposed to Mila Kunis with a round-cut solitaire diamond, encased in a platinum band.

Are round diamonds cheaper than oval?

In a side-by-side exact quality comparison, round-cut diamonds are generally 10% to 30% more expensive than oval diamonds due to their high demand. This price difference is primarily due to the much higher demand for round diamonds.

Are round diamonds more expensive?

While round-cut diamonds are currently the most popular, they are also among the most expensive! A round-cut diamond can cost up to 30% more than a comparable fancy-shaped diamond.

Why Diamond Elite?

Here at Diamond Elite we're a family owned business that pride ourselves on our professional service & quality diamond rings at competitive prices. We've been helping Australian couples find their perfect engagement ring since 2009. We know the importance of picking the perfect diamond ring for your partner which is why our friendly staff will be happy to assist you during the design & planning process from selecting the Diamond all the way to the delivery of your custom engagement ring. With over 500+ 5star reviews on Google, Diamond Elite is proud to be Sydney's top rated diamond jeweller. Get in touch today for a complimentry consultation and see our beautiful range of custom engagement rings convientantly located within Chatswood Westfield.


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