June 13, 2022

The Diamond Process

The Diamond Process


Diamonds can be found in main places either deep inside the earth or in riverbeds and the ocean floor. These natural diamonds are formed over millions of years deep within the earth. Diamonds form when carbon atoms are exposed to intense temperatures and pressure which causes the carbon deposists to crystallise.

Diamonds are mined by removing layers of sand and rock then a pit is made by blasting. This breaks up the ore which can then be loaded into hauling dumpers gather the broken ore and transported it to a crusher where the diamond roughs can be extracted.

Sorting and Processing

There are different diamond processing procedures used around the world. However, most diamonds are cleaned and sorted at a processing plant once mined.
Diamonds are categorized at the processing plant based on their weight, color, and clarity. Specialists then cut the diamond to optimize its value while maintaining its transparency.


  • Planning – Using computers and cutting-edge technology, a specialist will meticulously plan how the diamond will be cut. This must be planned out beforehand to ensure that the diamond rough is utlised to its full potential.
  • Cleaving - This is the technique of cutting a single diamond rough into many pieces using diamonds to be finished as multiple diamonds. Diamonds are of the hardest material known to man and therefore only a diamond can be used to cut another diamond.
  • Bruiting - The diamond is fashioned into a precise cut during this process. The diamond can be cut into various shapes such as Oval Brilliant Cut, a Princess Cut or the most popular a Round Brilliant Cut. This part of the process is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive technique and requires much skill and finesse.
  • Polishing – Polishing is the process of bringing the shine, lustre and a smooth finish to a diamond. A diamond would be dull and lackluster if it were not polished.
  • Inspection - The final examination is the last phase in this process. An expert will examine its cut and worth with special magnification glasses.


Next, the diamonds are thoroughly inspected. A diamond inspection ensures that all diamonds' qualities, statistics, and facets are up to par and meet your requirements.


On diamond stock markets or exchanges, diamonds are sold. Traders, dealers, and manufacturers meet at diamond exchanges to buy and sell diamonds. Diamond exchanges allow wholesalers and retailers to purchase diamonds which are already polished for final sale. Before the purchase of a diamond, Diamond Elite inpects each diamond meticulousy when used for our engagement rings and this is to ensure that each diamond is of the highest standard.